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The Super Toned plan is all about you starting your day the healthy way whilst helping you to get into a calorie deficit to cut body fat. Formula 1 is the worlds number 1 meal-replacement shake and will provide you with the confidence that you are providing your body with the nutrition it deserves.


When you replace a typical meal (that usually totals 300-500 calories or more) with a shake that provides you with great nutrition in only 200 calories, with your balanced macro and micronutrients, you will significantly reduce your calorie intake for the day which will help you to get into a calorie deficit to lose weight and cut body fat, by also adding high protein into your diet with significant strength exercise this will help alongside your nutrition to build lean muscle. When replacing one of your meals with our Formula 1 Sport and another with Formula 1 Healthy Meal, you will provide your body with the nutrition to suit alongside your exercise plan to enhance your results from your workout, and adding high protein to your diet. 

Included in this plan is;

  • Formula 1 Healthy Meal Shake
  • Formula 1 Sport - Vanilla


Get Toned

  • Formula 1 Shake:

    • Calorie-controlled: Approximately 200 kcal per serving (when combining with Protein Drink Mix)
    • Rich in protein from dairy and soy (18g per serving)
    • Provides essential vitamins and minerals.

    Formula 1 Sport:

    • Contains 18g of protein which supports the growth of lean muscle mass
    • F1 Sport contains both Casein and Whey protein, both high-quality dairy proteins
    • 219 kcal per serving to help manage your calorific intake
    • Unique protein-carbohydrate blend of fibre and essential vitamins and minerals. Vitamins C, E and Selenium help to protect the body’s cells from oxidative stress
    • No artificial colours, preservatives or sweeteners. 
  • Mix 2 scoops (26g) of Formula 1 with between 200-300ml of milk (if not using the Protein Drink Mix). If using the PDM (advised) you will replace your milk with 2 scoops of PDM and just add water. Shake or blend your shake until smooth - option to blend with ice.

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