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The Starter Breakfast plan is all about you starting your day the healthy way. It's widely excepted that if you were to have a sugary breakfast or even no breakfast at all your body would start to crave the wrong things, and guess what you'll probably overcompensate. So that's where the Ideal breakfast plans help you to break the fast between night and morning with a delicious nutritious shake.

Starter Breakfast Plan

  • When you replace a typical meal (that usually totals 300-500 calories or more) with a shake that provides you with great nutrition in only 200 calories, you will significantly reduce your calorie intake for the day which will help you to get into a calorie deficit to lose weight. This nutrition programme is intended for use as part of a healthy diet in conjunction with a high level of regular physical activity and a high intake of protein to support lean muscle growth.

    What is included:

    • Formula 1 shake
    • Instant Herbal Beverage
  • How To Use

    Mix 2 scoops (26g) of Formula 1 with between 200-300ml of milk (if not using the Protein Drink Mix- PDM). If using the PDM (advised) you will replace your milk with 2 scoops of PDM and just add water. Shake or blend your shake until smooth - option to blend with ice. (Each canister contains 21 nutritious servings).

    Mix half a teaspoon of your Herbal Instant Beverage Tea to one cup of hot or cold water, stir and enjoy.

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